時間:2023-08-02 來源:深圳市工業設計行業協會 【返回列表】





On July 31, 2023, Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (hereinafter referred to as "SIDA") held a mid-year mobilization meeting, announced the latest personnel appointments and dismissals, and commended the outstanding workers of SIDA's 15th anniversary activities, boosted the morale of the 11th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition in 2023, and strived for further success. At the same time to celebrate SIDA's housewarming, the new environment is a new starting point, the future of our SIDA family will be like this: our original aspiration should be as strong as a rock, working together as one. At the mobilization meeting, Shirley Feng led the SIDA family to conduct a mid-year review of the work, affirmed the contribution of every family member to SIDA, and commended the outstanding workers of SIDA's 15th anniversary activities. She put forward three key words for the future development of SIDA: First, the new scene, SIDA moved to the new office area, is a brand new picture is also a zero start. Second, new atmosphere. This conference announced the latest personnel appointments and dismissals, which is SIDA's recognition of everyone's hard work. Third, new future. The country's major boards are facing new opportunities and new challenges, SIDA's goals need every partner to realize the spirit of the iron army, every SIDA family members will be reflected in the achievements of SIDA. She will continue to lead the SIDA family to open a new chapter together.